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Title: Economic Effects of Dynamics in Migration Processes
Authors: Losheniuk, Oksana
Melnyk, Tetyana
Keywords: economic effects
international labor migration
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Faculty of Business and Law of the "Union - Nikola Tesla" University in Belgrade, Serbia SZ & Associates, Toronto, Canada. 2018. Vol. 6. No. 1. P. 68-78
Citation: MESTE NGO
Abstract: Considerable interstate movements of the labor force are taking place in nowadays world economy due to the reasons of economic and non-economic character. It makes the governments all over the world find mechanisms and take measures concerning the regulation of international labor migration. In this regard, it is impossible to use the complex approach of search without investigating the macroeconomic effect of this phenomenon to find out the major social and economic determinants. Economic effects have a significant impact on economies of donor and recipient countries. An important indicator for investigating the economic effect of international labor migration is money transfers. They cause redistribution of net benefits from emigration between labor importing and labor-exporting countries, as well as they, facilitate the GDP growth, the creation of new workplaces, investment processes and business development, and stimulate housing mortgage crediting. The negative effects of remittances on the economy of the donor country stipulate the stimulation of price increase on goods and services, the formation of the greater dependence of the donor country’s economy on the labor force emigration, the reduction of probable governmental investments or foreign investments. In case of an appropriately constructed policy, the negative effects of international labor migration decrease while the positive impact on national economy increases. The article determines the effects of international labor migration and provides recommendations as for maximization of the positive impact of international labor migration on countries’ economies all over the world.
ISSN: DOI 10.12709/issn.2334-7058
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