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Title: The Influence of Exhibition Activities on Regional Development in Terms of International Cooperation
Authors: Vdovichen, Anatolii
Vdovichena, Olha
Keywords: exhibitions
exhibition activities
international cooperation
regional economy
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Ekonomiczne studia. Kategorie i teorie ekonomiczne oraz polityra gospodarcza. – Uniwersytet ekonomiczny w Katowicach. – Zeszyty naukowe wydzialowe 176. – Kanowice. – 2014. – ISSN 2083-8611. – P. 179-188. – p.216.
Abstract: The peculiarity of this research is determination and analysis of exhibition activities of regional enterprises and issues concerning the development and operation of exhibition activities for the economy of the country, borders and other geographical regions. To achieve the above, we explored the importance of exhibition activity for the socioeconomic regions development, identified the characteristics of this type of activity operation at the macro- and micro- levels, analyzed the main problems of exhibitions business development in regions, and also offered practical and promising ways of exhibition activities in international cooperation.
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