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Title: Influence of the World Triad Countries Management on the Disproportional Development of Global Economy
Authors: Vdovichen, Anatolii
Keywords: world triad
global economy
disproportional development
economic development
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: MEST Journal. Management Education Science & Society Technology. – Faculty of Business and Industrial Management of the "Union" University Belgrade, Belgrade, Serbia SZ & Associates, Toronto, Canada. – Vol. 2. No. 2 doi: 10.12709/mest. July 15th, 2014. – ISSN 2334-7058 (Online). – Serbia. – 2014. – P. 266-273.
Abstract: Article deals with the analysis of the influence of the countries of world triad on the processes of globalization, the reasons for the balance of the proportion "investment fund - accumulation fund – consumption fund" violation are studied; the imbalance of the world development and especially the uneven development of the Center and the Periphery is investigated; economic development in general and economic life of separate countries and regions modification is analyzed; the reasons of disproportions of global social and economic development are discovered; the prognostication of the development of Euro Atlantic (American), European and Asian globalism is made. Author defines several approaches concerning the reform and restructuring of the world global economic environment. Among them there are two the most dominant. The first is based on the construction of center-periphery model, which involves the federal development of a world. The second is based on liberalizing trends in monetary and financial sphere. Author indicates that formation of a complex model of regulation will become one of the main tasks of the international community (the international society) in the XXI century.
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