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Title: Peculiarities of GDP Formation and Application in Ukraine and in the EU Coutries under the Structural Policy of Proportionality
Authors: Vdovichen, Anatolii
Shynkaruk, Lidiya
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: National Economic Reform: experience of Poland and Ukraine prospects for Ukraine – Collective monograph. – Vol.2. Poland: «Izdevnieciba «Baltija Publishing», 2016. – P.191-212. – 456p.
Abstract: In recent decades increased integration with globalization processes and crisis manifestations in the global economy resulted in significant changes in the main trends of the world economy and actualized changes in the economic structure of many countries. Formation of a new economic paradigm of the world reflected accordingly in the international division of labour, nature and principles of economic relations and structural transformation of national economies. Subject of structural transformation becomes increasingly urgent for Ukraine, which is caused by the need to overcome the consequences of the financial-economic crisis and qualitative renewal of the economic system based on the implementation of effective economic policy, especially structural one, that should provide economic growth and promote economic development in the long term.
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