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Title: Management of tourism industry’s innovative development under conditions of disproportionality of global and local tourist markets
Authors: Vdovichen, Anatolii
Vdovichena, Olha
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Strategies for Economic Development: The experience of Poland and the prospects of Ukraine – Collective monograph. - Vol. 2. Poland: «Izdevnieciba «Baltija Publishing», 2018. – P. 132-154. – 300 p.
Abstract: The article analyses a series of scientific publications devoted to challenges of tourism industry's development from the perspective of various approaches. In our paper, the attention was focused on studies of foreign and domestic scholars who had examined the necessity of innovative management in the tourism industry's development in the country as a whole and in its regions. The research aims to analyse and systematize key approaches to management of the innovative development of the tourism industry in the context of disproportionality in global and local tourist markets. For the achievement of the mentioned goal, the {following steps were taken: we studied conceptual background of a notion “innovations in tourism” and gave the definition reflecting the essence of this category in the most comprehensive way; we specified endogenous and exogenous impact factors and key principles of innovations in tourism; we established the tendencies of innovative activity development in the tourism industry; we offered the classification of innovations’ types in the tourism industry based on the views of domestic and foreign scientists; we presented the basic model for the development of innovative IT-projects in tourism industry; we analysed development of innovative technologies in tourism industry of Ukraine by researching dynamics of tourist flows with quantity and quality indicators drawing attention to problematic issues.
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