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Title: Determining the rational concentration of dry demineralized whey in a formulationfor marzipan pastes
Other Titles: Визначення раціональної концентрації молочної сироватки сухої демінералізованоїв рецептурному складі марципанових паст
Authors: Palamarek, Karina
Kravchenko, Mihailo
Fedorova, Dina
Rybchuk, Larysa
Romanenko, Roman
Nezveshchuk-Kohut, Tetiana
Piddubnyi, Vladimir
Danyliuk, Inna
Marusyak, Tatiana
Keywords: dressing semi-finished products
оздоблювальнi напiвфа-брикати
dry demineralized whey
молочна сироватка суха демiне-ралiзована
sensory properties
сенсорнi властивостi
rheological properties
реологiчнi властивостi
surface properties
поверхневi властивостi
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Eastern-European Journal of Enterprise Technologies, Volume 103. – Issue No 1/11. – p. 22-33.
Series/Report no.: 103;1/11
Abstract: Results obtained in the studies of rheological, surface and sensory characteristics of marzipan paste containing dry demineralized whey (DDW) are presented in this paper. Positive effect of DDW on sensory characteristics of model compositions of marzipan pastes was established. Component compatibility of DDW and almond nut has been confirmed. It has been established experimentally that DDW brings about changes in structural state of marzipan pastes by changing quantitative values of rheological and surface characteristics. It was established that an increase in DDW concentration entails growth of strain and plasticity indices and a decrease in elasticity and resilience indices of marzipan pastes which generally improves formability. As it was confirmed by the results from comprehensive studies, there is a possibility of partial replacement of import-dependent raw materials in composition of marzipan paste and, respectively, cut of cost of final product. Technological feasibility of using glycerin in compositions of DDW-containing marzipan pastes to improve their plasticity and compliance while maintaining high formability was substantiated. The rational content of glycerin in compositions of marzipan pastes was established which makes it possible to adjust surface properties within specified limits for pasty dressing semi-finished products from marzipan pastes. Lines of differentiated use of marzipan pastes with various weight fractions of DDW in confectionery production as dressing semi-finished products were offered: TICP marzipan paste with DDW mass fraction of 20 % for topping and spreading interlayers in wads and confectionery products. Corresponding figure of 30 % was recommended for making sweets and molding figured confectionary products
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