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Title: Implementation Of Brand Management In Enterprise Management: Ukrainian Realities
Other Titles: Упровадження бренд-менеджменту в управління діяльністю підприємства: українські реалії
Authors: Vdovichen, Anatoly
Vdovichena, Olga
Losheniuk, Oksana
Losheniuk, Irina
Chychun, Valentine
Keywords: brand
brand managemen
brand managemen
управління брендом
management system
система управління
brand management efficiency
ефективність бренд-менеджменту
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Фінансово-кредитна діяльність: проблеми теорії та практики. Том 5. № 40, 2021. С.546–555.
Abstract: The article analyzes the modern definitions of «brand management». Critical analysis of existing definitions allowed to combine existing interpretations into approaches: brand management as a management system; brand management as a management activity; brand management as a marketing tool; brand management as an element (direction) of management. It is proposed to understand brand management as an element of the management system aimed at the formation, support and development of individual brands (corporate brand) of the enterprise in order to obtain competitive advantages. Reasonable interpretation differs from the existing ones by emphasizing the subordination of brand management to the management system of the enterprise and highlighting the tasks, object and purpose of brand management in modern Ukrainian realities. The views of scientists on the identification of factors influencing the effectiveness of the implementation of brand management in the management of the enterprise are systematized. The outlined factors are analyzed and supplemented. It is proposed to use the economic and mathematical method of Kendall to assess the factors influencing the effectiveness of brand management in the management of the enterprise, which allowed to place the influence of selected factors in importance: the presence of innovation, taking into account the impact of globalization, availability and use of all marketing elements; formed brand, taking into account the prospects of brand development in international markets; the appropriate level of brand identity, activity of brand managers; the presence of a brand manager assigned to each brand, consistency of brand management with marketing subsystems in the enterprise, taking into account territoria; cultural and economic factors at the enterprise. Taking into account the results of the study, a scientific and methodological approach to the effective implementation of brand management in the management of the enterprise taking into account the Ukrainian realities of modern enterprises is proposed and substantiated.
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