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Title: Formation of Development Strategies of Transport and Logistics Companies under Current Conditions
Authors: Vdovichena, Olha
Stetsiv, Iryna
Diachuk, Iryna
Heidor, Alla
Chervinchuk, Andrii
Keywords: development strategy
transport and logistics company
aggregated logistics performance index
doing business indicator
demand for transport services
creation (construction) of stages of strategy development
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: International Journal of Management (IJM) - Scopus Indexed .Volume: 11, Issue: 5, - 2020. - Pages: 1103-1114.
Abstract: In the activities of any company there comes a stage when it needs to expand the horizons of its business. It is extremely important to work out a clear sequence of actions that should be performed to achieve maximum results on the threshold of choosing the direction of further development. In fact, the development strategy is such a plan of actions. Therefore, the purpose of this research article is to study the construction features of the development strategy of transport and logistics companies along with the analysis of factors, which should be taken into account during this creating. We have used the method of analysis and synthesis, as well as the method of comparison to conduct the investigation. Achieving the target goal was ensured by defining separate formation stages for the development strategy of transport and logistics companies. In addition, the research article considers the indicators that determine the ratings, conducted by various international organizations and institutions for assessing the state of transport and logistics in their member countries. Thus, the Aggregated Logistics Performance Index for 2012, 2014, 2016 and 2018 has been analyzed; the indicator called Doing Business in the regional context, as well as in the context of countries around the world has been examined. The source of information was the data published on the official website of The World Bank. Along with that, the directions of growth in demand for various modes of transport in the near future have been determined, based on the data provided in the International Transport Forum Transport Outlook 2019. At the same time, consideration of the construction stages of development strategies for companies, involved in the field of logistics and transport, has been carried out with a detailed description of each of them. In addition, the statistics of gross revenues of the largest transport and logistics companies is the confirmation of the effectiveness of the development strategies’ application towards expanding cross-border cooperation.
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