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Title: Foreign Direct Investments and Their Disproportional Effect on the Economics of the CEE-7 Countries
Authors: Vdovichen, Anatolii
Keywords: disproportion
foreign direct investments
intensive development
financial crisis
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: Vedecký časopis vysokei školy ekonomie a manažmentu verejnej spravy. Public administration and regional development. School of Economics and Management in Public Administration – Bratislava, No.1. – June 2013. – Volume IX. – Р. 187-194. – р.232.
Abstract: The aim of the article is the disproportional effect of the receipt of foreign direct investments (FDI) into the economics of the CEE-7 countries. To achieve the goal we comprehend disproportional effect of FDI in the structure of foreign investments inflow to the countries of CEE-7 by the types of economics activities in the periods before and after EU accession.
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