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dc.contributor.authorVdovichena, Olha-
dc.identifier.otherУДК 659.127.6:004.77-
dc.description.abstractThis article examines the reasons for the formation and development of a modern brand strategy on the Internet. The author analyzes the basic approaches to the definition of Internet branding and proposed own interpretation of this phenomenon; shows the importance of Internet branding in marketing activities of any company; researches its main characteristics and features, as well as reasons of expediency to apply Internet branding by modern companies and enterprises. The article also studies reasons, which promoted popularization of the Internet in trade of goods and services. The main tendencies of change of consumer preferences and activation of consumer behavior on the Internet were determined. Also, the main stages of promoting the Internet-brand by marketing tools were highlighted.uk_UK
dc.publisherEvropský časopis ekonomiky a management. Svazek 3. 6 vydani 2017. – 112 p., P. 66-75uk_UK
dc.subjectInternet brandinguk_UK
dc.subjecttarget audienceuk_UK
dc.subjectconsumer preferencesuk_UK
dc.subjectonline spaceuk_UK
dc.subjectmarketing toolsuk_UK
dc.subjectWeb spaceuk_UK
dc.subjecte-commerce marketuk_UK
dc.titleApplication of Modern Brand Management Strategies on the Internetuk_UK
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