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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Economic and legal aspects of EU insurance market developmentChornovol, Alla; Murashko, Olena; Havrylyuk, Ruslana; Operuk, Vitalii; Zhuvahina, Iryna; Andriyenko, Mykola
2018Economic Effects of Dynamics in Migration ProcessesLosheniuk, Oksana; Melnyk, Tetyana
2020Electrochemical Determination of Sudan Dyes and Two Manner to Realize it: a Theoretical InvestigationPalamarek, Karina; Tkach, Volodymyr; Yagodynets, Petro
2020English for Specific Purposes in Up-to-date ConditionsHildebrant, Kateryna
2020Ensuring the Growth of Enterprises and Organizations through the Motivation of Managerial StaffKhytrova, Olha; Dolha, Halyna; Sysoieva, I.M.; Peniuk, Valeriia; Motuzenko, O.V.
2017Forecasting of cross-border regions development: scenario approachKyfiak, Vasyl; Nastase, Carmen
2013Foreign Direct Investments and Their Disproportional Effect on the Economics of the CEE-7 CountriesVdovichen, Anatolii
2019Foreign Language Proficiency of Ukrainian Students: Problems and SolutionsHildebrant, Kateryna
2019Foreign Languages as a Stimulating Factor in Cross-Border CooperationHildebrant, Kateryna
2020Formation of Development Strategies of Transport and Logistics Companies under Current ConditionsVdovichena, Olha; Stetsiv, Iryna; Diachuk, Iryna; Heidor, Alla; Chervinchuk, Andrii
2016Formation of Strategy Implementation Mechanism for Enterprise DevelopmentChychun, Valentyna
2021From Blended Learning to Online Technologies in Teaching English at Non-Linguistic Higher Educational Establishments of UkraineHildebrant, Kateryna
2011Global Competitiveness Indexes and Development DisproportionVdovichen, Anatolii
2018Global Determinants of the International Movement of Production Factors: Economic-legal and Institutional ContextLosheniuk, Oksana; Melnyk, Tetiana
2019Historical and Cultural Heritage as a Factor of Tourism and Excursion Activitiesinthe Euroregion «Upper Prut» of Chernivtsi OblastVdovichen, Anatolii; Hyshchuk, Roman
2018Historical and Cultural Heritage of the Region and its Opportunities in Tourism and Excursion Activities (Case of Chernivtsi Region, Ukraine)Vdovichen, Anatolii; Hyshchuk, Roman; Krool, Volodymyr
2015Hotel tariff types and complex nature of hotel servicesManachynska, Yulia
2021The impact of COVID-19 and quarantine restrictions on tourism industry of UkraineBagrii, Konon; Luchyk, Svitlana
2021Implementation of Brand Management in Enterprise Management: Ukrainian RealitiesVdovichena, Olha; Vdovichen, Anatolii; Losheniuk, Iryna; Losheniuk, Oksana; Chychun, Valentyna
2021Implementation Of Brand Management In Enterprise Management: Ukrainian RealitiesVdovichen, Anatoly; Vdovichena, Olga; Losheniuk, Oksana; Losheniuk, Irina; Chychun, Valentine