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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Technology elaboration of biscuits with reduced sugar contentRomanovska, Olha
2020Tendencies for the development of hotels in Ukraine under crisis situationsBagrii, Konon; Palamarek, Karina
2020Tendencies for the development of hotels in Ukraine under crisis situationsPalamarek, Karina; Bagrii, Konon
2018The chart of operational and financial assets, capital and liabilities in the actuarial accounting systemManachynska, Yulia
2016The decentralized reporting at the enterprises of hotel economyManachynska, Yulia
2017The Importance of Influence of the Competitiveness on Personel of EnterprisesChychun, Valentyna
2021The Importance of International Transport and Logistics Infrastructure in the Economic Development of the Country: The Case of the EU for UkraineLosheniuk, Oksana; Atamanenko, Yuliia; Komchatnykh, Olena; Sukhomlyn, Larysa; Didkivskyi, Viacheslav; Sulym, Borys
2014The Influence of Exhibition Activities on Regional Development in Terms of International CooperationVdovichen, Anatolii; Vdovichena, Olha
2018The influence of grape powders on the rheological properties of dough and characteristics of the quality of butter biscuitsBrykova, T.; Samohvalova, O.; Grevtseva, N.; Kasabova, K.; Grygorenko, A.
2021The Influence of Medical Services Public Management on the Population’ Life QualityUrsakii, Yuliia; Barzylovych, Anastasiia; Nadezhdenko, Alina; Mamatova, Tetiana; Chykarenko, Oleksii; Kravchenko, Sergiy
2018The main approaches to assessing business aconomic potential : the actuarial aspect in the context of IFRSManachynska, Yulia; Yevdoshchak, Volodymyr
2016The methodology and organization of accounting of hotel services expensesManachynska, Yulia
2018The need of development of NAR 3 «Actuarial financial reports» in the context of business managementManachynska, Yulia; Yevdoshchak, Volodymyr; Luchik, Svetlana
2014The Polemic on Investigation the Economical Essence of the Category "Disproportion" in the Context of Economic GlobalizationVdovichen, Anatolii
2017The Potential of ICTs in Language EducationПотенціал інформаційних комунікативних технологій у вивченні мовиHnatyshena, Iryna; Khariuk, Inna
2016The service charge as an effective instrument in hotel management.Manachynska, Yulia; Yevdoshchak, Volodymyr
2015The system of synthetic account of charges production in a hotel economyManachynska, Yulia
2020The Theoretical Description for the Perylaldehyde Aldoxime Electrochemical Determination, Assisted by the Novel Squaraine Dye – VO(OH) – CompositePalamarek, Karina; Tkach, Volodymyr; Nezveshchuk-Kohut, Tetyana
2023The Theoretical Description of Furfural and Lactic Acid Cathodic Determination in Bread and MilkChychun, Valentyna; Tkach, Volodymyr; Morozova, Tetiana; Prymachenko, Serhii; Korniienko, Iryna; Yastremska, Larysa; Kuznetsova, Olena; José Inácio Ferrão da Paiva Martins; Lucinda Vaz dos Reis; Necdet Karakoyun; Kushnir, Marta
2019The Triple System of Actuarial Accounting Under the Conditions of Cross-Border CooperationManachynska, Yulia; Yevdoshchak, Volodymyr