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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20196D-model of business valuation management: actuarial aspectManachynska, Yulia; Luchyk, Svitlana; Yevdoshchak, Volodymyr; Luchyk, Margaryta
20197D-model of business development in the conditions of geoeconomic scenarios for UkraineManachynska, Yulia; Yevdoshchak, Volodymyr
2020Accounting Support of Marketing Strategy Management of Economic Development of the Border RegionManachynska, Yuliya; Yevdoshchak, Volodymyr
2021Accounting system transformation: actuarial approach in 3DManachynska, Yulia; Yevdoshchak, Volodymyr; Tallat, Mahmood
2021Accounting System Transformation: Actuarial Approach in 3DManachynska, Yulia; Yevdoshchak, Volodymyr; Mahmood, Tallat
2017Actuarial accounting at the system of business managementManachynska, Yulia; Yevdoshchak, Volodymyr
2021Actuarial multidimensional model of ukrainian agricultural companies’ valuationManachynska, Yulia; Moshkovska, Olena; Luchyk, Svitlana; Yevdoshchak, Volodymyr; Luchyk, Vasil; Luchyk, Marharyta
2020Analytical Model of Deposit Portfolio Optimization in Ukrainian BanksBagrii, Konon; Luchyk, Svitlana; Luchyk, Vasyl; Luchyk, Marharyta; Manachynska, Yulia; Yevdoshchak, Volodymyr
2019Development of an Automated Model for Evaluating the Reproduction of Fixed Assets of the Enterprises of Hotel IndustryBagrii, Konon; Luchyk, Svitlana; Mustetsa, Iryna; Manachynska, Yulia; Yevdoshchak, Volodymyr
2020Optimal hotel management theory: analytical aspectManachynska, Yulia; Yevdoshchak, Volodymyr; Luchyk, Svitlana
2023Risk-Oriented Strategic Management Accounting in UkraineManachynska, Yulia; Yevdoshchak, Volodymyr; Fomina, Olena; Semenova, Svitlana; Moshkovska, Olena
2020Statistical evaluation of the ukrainian agricultural sector effectiveness in the context of food securityManachynska, Yulia; Yevdoshchak, Volodymyr; Moshkovska, Olena
2018The main approaches to assessing business aconomic potential : the actuarial aspect in the context of IFRSManachynska, Yulia; Yevdoshchak, Volodymyr
2018The need of development of NAR 3 «Actuarial financial reports» in the context of business managementManachynska, Yulia; Yevdoshchak, Volodymyr; Luchik, Svetlana
2016The service charge as an effective instrument in hotel management.Manachynska, Yulia; Yevdoshchak, Volodymyr
2019The Triple System of Actuarial Accounting Under the Conditions of Cross-Border CooperationManachynska, Yulia; Yevdoshchak, Volodymyr
2020Ukrainian foreign trade balance assessment in the context of transfer pricingManachynska, Yulia; Moshkovska, Olena; Yevdoshchak, Volodymyr