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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Actively-Adapting Influence on the External Environment as an Increasing Factor of the Enterprise's Competitive StatusChychun, Valentyna; Polianko, Halyna; Maksymiuk, Nataliya
2023Communication Management for the Successful Promotion of Goods and Services in Conditions of Instability: Attempts at Scientific ReflectionVdovichen, Anatolii; Vdovichena, Olha; Chychun, Valentyna; Zelich, Viktoria; Saienko, Volodymyr
2016Formation of Strategy Implementation Mechanism for Enterprise DevelopmentChychun, Valentyna
2021Implementation of Brand Management in Enterprise Management: Ukrainian RealitiesVdovichena, Olha; Vdovichen, Anatolii; Losheniuk, Iryna; Losheniuk, Oksana; Chychun, Valentyna
2018Justification of Motivational Mechanisms in Activity the Enterprises of Europe and UkraineChychun, Valentyna
2021Management of the Process of E-Commerce Development in Business on the Example of the European UnionChychun, Valentyna; Taranenko, Iryna; Korolenko, Olha; Goncharenko, Iryna; Zhuvahina, Iryna
2020Management Practices in the Institutions of Higher Education of EU Countries for Increasing Their RatingsChychun, Valentyna; Rayisa, Yuriy; Chernysh, Valentyna; Bezena, Ivan; Poznanska, Inna
2022Managerial Peculiarities of Strategic Development of the Territorial CommunityChychun, Valentyna; Vdovichen, Danylo
2018Managing the Advertising Activities in the System of Integrated Brand Promotion of an EnterpriseVdovichena, Olha; Vdovichen, Anatolii; Chychun, Valentyna
2016Role of the Human Resources Management in an EnterpriseChychun, Valentyna
2017The Importance of Influence of the Competitiveness on Personel of EnterprisesChychun, Valentyna
2023The Theoretical Description of Furfural and Lactic Acid Cathodic Determination in Bread and MilkChychun, Valentyna; Tkach, Volodymyr; Morozova, Tetiana; Prymachenko, Serhii; Korniienko, Iryna; Yastremska, Larysa; Kuznetsova, Olena; José Inácio Ferrão da Paiva Martins; Lucinda Vaz dos Reis; Necdet Karakoyun; Kushnir, Marta
2022Theoretical and Methodological Principles of Management: an Innovative ApproachChychun, Valentyna; Kunitsyn, Oleksandr; Motuzenko, Oksana; Serbov, Mykola; Shashyn, Oleksandr
2022Theoretical Fundamentals of the Concept of Corporate Cultural Culture as a Factor of Conflict Prevention at the EnterpriseChychun, Valentyna; Polianko, Halyna; Maksymiuk, Nataliya
2022Trends in the Development of Management and Business Technology in the Formation of the Modern Ukrainian EconomyChychun, Valentyna; Buriak, Ievgen; Nechyporenko, Kostiantyn; Polianko, Halyna; Milman, Leonid
2021Trends in the Management of Global Economic Development in the Post-Pandemic PeriodChychun, Valentyna; Petrunenko, Iaroslav; Shuprudko, Nataliia; Kalynichenko, Yuliia; Ibrahim, Ali Issa Manal