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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Global Competitiveness Indexes and Development DisproportionVdovichen, Anatolii
2019Historical and Cultural Heritage as a Factor of Tourism and Excursion Activitiesinthe Euroregion «Upper Prut» of Chernivtsi OblastVdovichen, Anatolii; Hyshchuk, Roman
2018Historical and Cultural Heritage of the Region and its Opportunities in Tourism and Excursion Activities (Case of Chernivtsi Region, Ukraine)Vdovichen, Anatolii; Hyshchuk, Roman; Krool, Volodymyr
2021Implementation of Brand Management in Enterprise Management: Ukrainian RealitiesVdovichena, Olha; Vdovichen, Anatolii; Losheniuk, Iryna; Losheniuk, Oksana; Chychun, Valentyna
2012Influence of Modern Global Economic Disproportions is on Position of Ukraine in Ratings of CompetitivenessVdovichen, Anatolii; Vdovichena, Olha
2014Influence of the World Triad Countries Management on the Disproportional Development of Global EconomyVdovichen, Anatolii
2018Management of tourism industry’s innovative development under conditions of disproportionality of global and local tourist marketsVdovichen, Anatolii; Vdovichena, Olha
2018Managing the Advertising Activities in the System of Integrated Brand Promotion of an EnterpriseVdovichena, Olha; Vdovichen, Anatolii; Chychun, Valentyna
2016Peculiarities of GDP Formation and Application in Ukraine and in the EU Coutries under the Structural Policy of ProportionalityVdovichen, Anatolii; Shynkaruk, Lidiya
2021Sacral Heritage of the Carpathian Region and Management of its Resource Component in Tourism ActivityVdovichen, Anatolii; Krool, Volodymyr; Hyshchuk, Roman; Dobynda, Iryna
2016Scenario assessment prediction of unbalanced development of the border regions under conditions of civilization changesVdovichen, Anatolii; Vdovichena, Olha
2018Synergetic Interaction of the Bioeconomics Principles in the Global Economic System StructureVdovichen, Anatolii; Vdovichena, Olha
2014The Influence of Exhibition Activities on Regional Development in Terms of International CooperationVdovichen, Anatolii; Vdovichena, Olha
2014The Polemic on Investigation the Economical Essence of the Category "Disproportion" in the Context of Economic GlobalizationVdovichen, Anatolii